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For bespoke E-Commerce websites in Taunton, contact the experts at Search4Local. We design and create stunning websites for a range of businesses both in size & industry. If you are a business owner who wants to develop your brand and sell products, a secure and unique online store is the solution.

These type of websites require in-depth development and design techniques in order to best represent a business online. Techniques of which, our designers have mastered. We create tailor made websites specific for a variety of industries, that ensure customers can buy your products online conveniently and easily. During the consultation process, we will understand your business’s brand identity and how you want it portrayed online, taking into consideration fonts, colours, imagery and your business USP’s.

E-commerce is an ever changing matrix of trends, with key design & development components at the centre. Knowing what E-commerce is and where it is heading enables us at Search4Local to make the most unique and brand-consistent websites frequently. 

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Comprehensive E-Commerce Web Development

In order to stand out from competitors online, comprehensive E-commerce web development is needed. It is essential that development like mobile first design and user experience are prioritised, especially in the mobile first generation. Our team of developers work tirelessly to ensure our sites are responsive on all phone systems and screen sizes to meet the demands of millions of smart phone users.

The responsiveness of the online shops we create is a product of designing & perfecting a functional and stylish user interface (UI). We ensure that we represent your brand consistently throughout the website.

Development for fast and secure transactions is also of high priority. The E-commerce websites in Taunton we design come with security and speed promised for every transaction, accompanied by easy checkout capabilities in order to ensure a seamless user experience (UX)

User Experience & SSL Certificates

A fundamental component of a high performing E-Commerce websites in Taunton is guaranteeing safe and encrypted transactions between customer and website. All our sites come with SSL certificates – used to secure data transfers, therefore providing security to your customers and ultimately a gain of trust among search engines & consumers.

WooCommerce Websites

WooCommerce allows for the customisable online shop functionality on the websites we develop. Our designers can create unique, and tailor made product & category pages that best fit your requirements. It is an open-source plugin for WordPress and has gained massive popularity for its safe and secure use and its ability to take the stress out of running an online shop.

It makes managing stock, editing products and overall branding of your business easy for our team, whilst integrating your SEO package. This means we can fully utilise your product listings so they can be found at convenient locations by specific customers using search engines such as Google.

Increase Conversions & Retain Customers

When developing your company’s online presence, it is vital that your website offers an easy and enjoyable experience for customers purchasing your product on all devices and platforms. Our Mobile first design approach when developing websites means that they are responsive and functional to handle the mobile first generation.

Amidst a range of SEO & marketing techniques a pleasant user experience will drive to drive conversions to your website. We ensure a range of search engine ranking factors are used, as well as secure payment platforms and hosts are equipped. These are influential factors to a customer, so choose Search4Local if you are wanting to increase conversions and retain customers.

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Secure & Fast Hosting

All our website builds have very secure hosting, guaranteeing your website is safe and secure at all times. Our hosting solutions ensure fast and safe usability on your website at all hours of the day.

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Our extensive digital knowledge about creation & design of online shops means that we understand the importance of marketing your business. We therefore work coherently with marketing tools like social media, SEO & PPC.

Front End Development

Our front end developers link the back and front end of our websites. This ensures consistency in user interface (UI) & functionality throughout your website.

Secure Encrypted Payments

It is essential for our E-commerce websites that SSL certificates are in place to make sure payments between customer and website are encrypted and secure. SSL certificates are also considerable ranking factors for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

An E-Commerce website is an online store that allows you to sell or purchase products or services. This could mean a booking system with secure payment options or the selling of tangible products.

This depends largely on the brand identity and functionality of a website. Typically, a good online store will communicate the brand’s message and convey noteworthy content. This means that colours, fonts, imagery and the overall look, feel and usability are all factors of a good website.

It is vital that an E-Commerce website is capable of responding to requests functionally and quickly. Regardless of screen size or platform. If the customers journey is difficult due to slow speed and not being optimised for mobile – they are unlikely to return to your website.

E-Commerce Website Specialists Taunton

If you’re looking to get your online business off the ground and would like a unique & bespoke web design service, then contact our expert team. Start your digital business journey with our experienced team of e-commerce web designers today.