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Full Service Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Set Up & Management

A trusted Google ads partner is a crucial part of managing when it comes to managing PPC  campaigns. Google Ads campaigns can get your businesses website more attraction from users – leading to an increase in traffic towards your site, and therefore more opportunities to sell.

Trusted Google Ads Experts

Search4Local are proud to be a trusted Google partner. Our certificate was issued once we completed a range of exams and ran very successful adverts. We regularly liaise with Google representatives and communicate with them to ask questions about specific campaigns or accounts. This means we have more than enough experience needed to manage and maintain effective PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns on behalf of businesses.

Our authenticity also means we are able to run several types of paid ads including search ads, mobile ads, shopping, video and display. Because we provide a variety of adverts and at competitive prices for our customers, we have quickly entered the top performing percentage of UK Google advertising agencies. Our bespoke PPC campaigns work around your requirements, meaning customisable ads depending on where or who you want to target.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Why Is PPC (pay per click) Important For E-Commerce Websites?

PPC campaigns work on a pay per click basis rather than display advertising which is costed by impressions. As a result the cost is set by how competitive your industry is, and the beauty of PPC campaigns is that you only pay per click – meaning your business is only paying for the specific traffic that is being driven to your site. Furthermore, this advertising helps E-commerce, as it gives the opportunity for your advert to appear on page one of the search results. Meaning you are at the centre of attention when a user is browsing in your relevant industry.

We have a variety of E-commerce sites we run campaigns for. Meaning we know how to utilise targeted advertising using keywords/keyphrases to only pick up relevant traffic to your site. The more traffic gained, the more likely your website will turn users into converters, and for E-commerce, sales and traffic are vital to success. Let PPC experts such as ourselves take care of your Google ads management. We have the knowledge, skills and trust of Google to display your ads in the best possible position.

Consistent Reviews

A massive selling point for E-commerce sites and non-sales sites are reviews. Customers are always looking to see fellow customers opinions and thoughts on businesses, how they operate, their service and their products functionality.

At Search4Local, once a google ad is live for your business, we will review the adverts success throughout the month. This is to ensure your advert is meeting its expectations. Also checked is keyword performance, amount of impressions, how were utilising your budget and the general performance of the advert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With all advertising, the cost will depend on many factors. The competitiveness of the industry is an example, as a more competitive market will have more businesses vying for the same keywords, so rising competition means a rising cost per click. As well as this, your monthly budget will effect the cost we can put forward towards Google Ads.

Display advertising consists of advertising your business on external websites. Every time your ad is shown on another site, it is then counted as a page impression unlike Ads which works on a pay per click basis.

At Search4Local, we rotate your adverts on the search network and the display network. This is to ensure that no adverts are repeated, and therefore seen constantly by your users. This could lead to irritation, and therefore newer adverts are shown in order to maximise engagement.

The Benefits Of Regular Google Ad Management

Consistent Google Ads management done by experts like Search4Local can massively effect your businesses success. We are always looking to go the extra mile for our customers, so contact us today if you could benefit from thorough consistent Google ad management. Whether its bespoke campaign set-up, regular analysis of your company’s ads performance, advice on advert budgeting or even help with any terminology – we’re here to assist.