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Our agency offers comprehensive SEO in Taunton for the SME market. Search Engine Optimisation focuses on ranking factors that will affect the websites position on the organic SERPS (search engine result pages) Some of these factors include user friendly content, a mobile first approach, link building and site speed.

A professional  digital agency like Search4Local don’t just look at the basics. We explore how a planned and researched SEO strategy combines technical on-page & off-page factors that lead to an increase in organic traffic. As well as better quality of traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate and an increase in brand awareness in your local industry. If you want to start ranking organically outside of your immediate location, local SEO is still very important. We are experts in this field and work to successfully rank all of our clients in their primary location before targeting new areas.

Our website copywriting team’s tireless work enables our customers to display informative, creative and unique content on their website. As experts, we understand Google’s algorithms and how search engines work. We know that sites that perform best online are secure and informative. They offer their users the most informative content, and this comes all from our responsive content team creating relevant website copywriting.

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How Vital Is Link Building?

Link building is an greatly important part of SEO. Strategic link building helps to improve domain authority, and this alone is a great example of how it’s vital. Domain authority is a contributing factor to trust of a website also, as the the more trust your domain gains, the more your reputation grows both online and in person through word of mouth. Google has confirmed that SEO technicians (such as ourselves), can improve ranking by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to a website. We ensure all our customers have sufficient link building in order to optimise their chances of being seen, heard and found online – which makes link building a vital part of digital marketing. 

Search Engine Bots

Search engine bots, commonly known as spiders/crawlers are the tools many web search engines such as Google/Bing will use to build their databases. Most bots act as web browsers crawling hundreds of billions of pages, testing links to new websites and storing them in a database for google to pull from when a relevant search has been commanded.

Keyword Planner

Keyword planner is a tool that helps you research keywords for a search campaign. It is common practice – discovering words/phrases that are popular in your industry, and using them in your content as they will attract more traffic due to the popularity.

Website Audits

A website audit allows us to swiftly identify issues both on and off page. For example it could be site response speed, quality & uniqueness of the copy and the mobile friendliness just to name a few. This helps to identify weak points we can improve so our users are getting the best possible experience on a site.  

Before working on a site, we make sure we have completed a number of site audits, and fix issues immediately if any arise. If the site needs technical development, our in-house specialists will make amends, but if content related – it’s over to our Search Engine specialists. They go over every minute detail to improve site performance, relevance and responsiveness to ensure a great user experience for your customers.   

Mobile Optimised Website

Smartphones and mobile devices are now the world’s most commonly used platform to browse online. They saturate the local market, so our SEO work needs to be mobile friendly. We use a mobile-first approach, which is designing websites with mobile use prioritised over desktop.

We ensure our customers have mobile friendly SEO. We have specialists who thoroughly test the usability and the responsiveness of the mobile sites, always with the user experience and their journey in mind. Whether it’s checking the readability of the content is clear on all screen sizes without zooming, or that the images are proportionate to the size of the screen and not blurry, we check it all. A mobile optimised website can separate your website from competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

E.A.T stands for expertise, authority and trust, and is the centre for all our detailed SEO work. Expertise is a website which gives the most relevant and factual information. Authority is the reputation of your website, like reviews, the security of your hosting and the quality of link building. Trust is the safety and legitimacy aspect of the information your website is providing.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows us to promote your businesses profile and website on google search and maps. We can post updates to your account to keep your customers updated and informed. Also, we can see how your customers are interacting with your business, and make adjustment accordingly if interactions are low.

Google Analytics shows us data on users and how they behave or interact with your website. We can see if SEO campaigns are working or reaching your customers and act accordingly.

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