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Comprehensive Facebook Campaign Creation & Management

For social media marketing in Taunton and the surrounding areas, contact Search4Local. The accessibility, the creativity and ease are some of the reasons we all click-through to social media adverts, and we are proud to offer this advertising to our customers. Facebook is our main source of advertising through socials as it is the largest platform, with 46,000,000 active accounts in the UK. Your business is more likely to reach potential customers on this platform, therefore meaning an increase in brand awareness, online authority and traffic to your website.

Location Specific Facebook Sponsored Ads

Facebook advertising is one of the most specific and precise forms of advertising around. Enabling expert campaign managers like those at Search4Local to target your audience specifically can give your adverts an incredible chance of being successful. We can segment your audience to gender, age, interests, job title, location and more. Meaning if you have a specific audience in mind you wish to target, we can reach them.

By having your specific audience targeted, you are helping yourself with brand awareness, customer satisfaction and ultimately higher conversion rates. Customers see the advert is relevant to their interests or gender to say, and will be more likely to interact with your advert and Facebook page and website. Our content team will then help to transform browsers to converters with powerful copy and other factors.

Whether it’s more likes, comments, tags and mentions, they are all positive signs that your location specific sponsored advert is being effective.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Advert & Design Variety

Social media marketing has always been effective due to how interactive it is. The majority of social users are using a smartphone, so Search4Local adopt a mobile first approach for all our advert designs.

The beauty of social media advertising, is that when a user interacts with your Facebook advert, it is then shown to their friends list and those algorithmically similar to them. This way, your advert is then more likely to receive interactions. The variety of adverts we show is extensive, below is a quick overview of the types of adverts displayed by our experts.

All our advert & design variety is unique to your businesses needs or requirements. Search4Local look to fully utilise your advertisement budget and get the best possible interactions for your social media.

Why Does My Business Need Facebook Ad Campaigns?

If you want to increase sales for your business digitally, you will need a Facebook ad campaign. As discussed Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, therefore it can’t be ignored by your marketing strategy. It offers access to both regional and national customers, therefore enabling you to target your business’s message to a wider range of potential customers.

A strong Facebook ad campaign’s importance cannot be understated.

Improve your online visibility with effective Social Advertising

Monitored Cost Of Impressions

Effective maintenance and reviews of adverts are just as important as the ads themselves. Without monitoring the effectiveness and reach of said ads, you could be wasting your own money trying to target unlikely customers.

Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if clicked or not. The cost per impression is measuring what one will pay when their ad is shown per one thousand impressions. These measurements enable the advertising experts at Search4Local to determine other calculations such as Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click-Through Rate (CTR).

We are always monitoring the cost of impressions so that we can best utilise your advertising budget.

Niche Audience Targeting

As discussed, we can segment your business’s desired target audience to only show your social media adverts to those who find it applicable. Furthermore we can use Facebook again to target a niche audience. This is essentially a small, specialised market that is a segment from a larger group.

A specific interest could make up a niche audience, and therefore Facebooks targeted ads can reach this level of specificity. Our experts have experience in displaying ads all over the country, so choose a trusted advertising agency like Search4Local.

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Search4Local have experience utilising social media marketing in Taunton for the SME market. We have used the world’s largest social channel for years, and therefore can use traditional and unique advertising strategies to enable your business to reach, serve and retain customers.