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We offer a bespoke web design service suitable for all local businesses and industries in Taunton, Somerset. Search4Local offer responsive web design solutions at a truly unbeatable cost. Our team consists of front end developers, designers & software specialists.

At every step of the development process, we are looking on how we can be as thorough as possible, making adjustments to code where needed. A developers job may seem small, but without the checking of wireframes, fonts or colour schemes (to name a few) your business’ site would not nearly be as functional. As well as the functionality, our developers are key to designing our customers websites to be responsive to all screen sizes.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

What Are The Benefits Of Bespoke Website Design

Website design is essential to the success of any business embarking on a digital marketing campaign. Bespoke design however, is proven to showcase your company’s brand identity whilst increasing online visibility to the public. We take your business, and use its unique personality when creating your site. We want to reflect your company’s message and ethics through its website, whether it be using your logo colours in the design, or your USP displayed on the homepage.

Another extremely beneficial factor is the contribution towards Google’s algorithm ranking factors. We make artistic and creative appearances for our sites in regards to fonts, colours and high resolution images. Along with this our user experience contributes as ranking factors. Site speed, calls to action and a mobile first design are all positive signs for Googles indexing bots. They are more likely than to rank your business higher on the SERPS (search engine result page) – therefore more visible to the public.

How Important Is Fast & Secure Web Hosting?

Fast & secure web hosting is vital for businesses wanting to retain their customers. A fast website is a considerable ranking factor for SEO as discussed. As well as this, site speed reflects how efficiently a site responds to a request, like the ability to load all images, maps, videos and copy.

Secure Web hosting gives the user a sense of security, so potential customers can freely use your website without worrying about a security breach. Our SSL Certificates demonstrate that the communication between users & browser is encrypted and therefore secure. These are both imperative for E-commerce/online shops as well, where first impressions are crucial.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is a massively popular CMS (content management system) and is used to create just above 30% of the worlds websites. WordPress is perfect for modern web design as it has adaptable functionality and can be developed to make secure payments from all over the country.

WordPress benefits from using plugins which are designed to maximise your sites ranking factor in search engines. Our developers work alongside our SEO technicians to optimise websites to target specific areas in relation to keywords.

WordPress is supported by the worlds most secure hosting option. Web masters are even available to add security focused plugins to make a user’s experience that much better.

Front End Designers

Font end developers link the back and the front end of websites. Our experienced development team keep design in relation to UX (user experience) at the centre of their work. They will also work on a customer’s journey experience – maintaining the functionality of calls to action and mobile experience.

Effective web design services for Taunton businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Costs are competitive, but vary depending on the number of pages needed and the functionality requirements. E-commerce will cost more for example as they require more technical development.

The team at Search4Local can help your Taunton business by using a range of digital marketing strategies to boost your ranking position in search engines. In addition, we will also design a bespoke site that is informative and easy to navigate for your customers.

Again, the process time will depend on number of pages, amount of development needed and the content needed (to name a few factors).

Quality Website Design Further Information & Prices

Our quality design includes a variety of features that make our services the best in the area. We are always looking to represent your business in the most secure, SEO friendly and creative way possible. We offer competitive prices for a complete design package whilst offering personal and professional customer service.