Web Design in 2021

Web design 2021

Web design is an ever changing matrix of functionality and appearance concepts. It encompasses a variety of skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. 2020 showed us that the digital competition has never been more fierce, with coronavirus restrictions leading to a dependence on website use more than ever before. The message remains the same in 2021, as designing your website professionally is now imperative for all businesses In order to inform & impress on the web. Especially if designing a website for e-commerce during this competitive digital climate.

User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are both essential factors to take into consideration when designing a website. Website users will continue to rely on these elements for a pleasant experience in 2021 – their importance cannot be understated.

user experience


It may sound simple but designing a website that is easy to use or designed with the customer in mind is very likely to gain retuning visitors. A functional, content rich site will therefore retain conversions and an overall increase in user sessions to your site. Web FX ran a survey that showed that 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a bad user experience !


The same can be said regarding the user interface. If a website is designed with aesthetically pleasing elements like controls the users will interact with, (button controls, gesture controls & calls to action) It is more likely to retain viewers.

When designing a site full of rich and noteworthy content with user interface in mind, it is vital that front end designers have their say. They are responsible for the creation of HTML, CSS & JavaScript code –  the building blocks of web coding. JavaScript enables the interactivity needed for the User Interface. As well as their extensive knowledge into User Experience principles and best practices, they have a keen eye for aesthetics and overall design of a website.


If you think CMS (content management system), you think WordPress. It’s understandable as it is used to create just above 30% of the worlds websites. It’s gained popularity once it had adaptable functionality and was developed to make secure payments from all over the country. It benefits from using plugins which are designed to maximise a site ranking factor in search engines.

Professional web developers work alongside SEO technicians to optimise the website to target specific areas in relation to keywords. WordPress are also supported by the world’s most secure hosting option. And now web masters are even available to add security focused plugins to make a user’s experience that much better –

And we know how valuable good user experience is.

taunton Web Design


As digital specialists, we are always on the lookout for new and evolving web design trends. Below is a digestible list of trends to watch out for in 2021:


In 2021, nothing is more popular than the vintage culture. We have seen clothing, footwear and now fonts all come full circle back into fashion. The world of styling & development is ever changing, so it is important to utilise the popularity of retro fonts. Using vintage typography with modern styles can have the ability to create a nostalgic feel to a website whilst still having the informative content of a modern site.


Advances in knowledge and execution of new web design visuals have led to some eye-catching businesses thriving thanks to their bespoke website. We predict that 3D visuals are among those on the rise. The have the “wow factor” when it comes to engaging views to a certain area/topic of the website. A brilliant use of 3D visuals on site is from the payment platform Stripe – They have used a variety of interactive and engaging 3D pop ups, menu items and more, all whilst keeping in line with the modern sleek look of the site.

3d visuals


It’s no secret that more users are browsing online via mobile phones, in fact the majority of web searches are now performed on mobile and tablet devices, a total of 52% of global traffic is on mobile! We are now truly in the mobile first generation, and in 2021 the majority of searches are completed on mobile. Google prioritises mobile page load speed as a key metric when determining a website’s search ranking, which is significant since 94% of organic search traffic comes from Google!

Mobile first is essentially a design philosophy that aims to create better UX by starting the design for Mobile screens. It is vital that web designers ensure all sites (when required to) have clear yet subtle calls to action, allowing users to convert regardless of where they are on the site and on which ever device. It is of utmost importance that a website responds and displays perfectly on the most popular smartphones. Bearing in mind the evolution of smartphone technology, especially screen sizes, along with varying degrees of mobile data speed in any given location, this can be difficult. Developers work to ensure just as smooth, safe and secure a mobile experience as a desktop experience.


As smart phone technology and ability has accelerated, users are looking to take full advantage by viewing screens horizontally.

2021 has shown that web design has incorporated this, as more websites are being optimised to accompany a seamless UX.

The most popular reasons for horizontal design would be viewing a gallery or streaming video embedded on a site. When we design sites to incorporate horizontal displays, we follow the below rules:

1 – Never force a user to navigate your site horizontally. Ensure users have alternative navigation, like arrows or scroll ability.

2 – Use visual cues to help users with horizontal mode. Try not to hide these cues behind hovers.

3 – Avoid using horizontal scroll for vital information, contact details or text


Fast & secure web hosting is vital for businesses wanting to retain their customers in 2021. A fast website is a considerable ranking factor for SEO. As well as this, site speed reflects how efficiently a site responds to a request, like the ability to load all images, maps, videos and copy.

Having your website hosted by digital experts proves to be beneficial to both parties. The outstanding technical support, domain associated email address, high reliability & uptime, and essentially Improved website security are the main dividends of investing in secure & fast web hosting. An E-commerce website could class web hosting as one of the most vital aspects of their web design – as transactions over the web require a certain level of security when dealing with sensitive information (card details/contact information). A certain proof of this encryption is needed to show a certain level of authority…


Secure Web hosting gives the user a sense of security, so potential customers can freely use your website without worrying about a security breach. Online data breaches and hacking has become such a problem that algorithms give priority ranking to sites that use a combination of HTTPS and have an SSL certificate.

Modern web users are quick to spot websites that lack necessary and recommended security. Some mobile data providers & search engines go to length of trying to actively discourage users from using websites without adequate security in place, making it vital that your website has fast & secure web hosting in 2021.

ssl certificates
web hosting


Website owners will know that web design is just one cog in the machine that is building an online presence. 2020 showed us that more websites were given the limelight admits the absence of retail shops. More strategies are needed than just displaying a bespoke website to customers however. Now, a variety of marketing & advertising is needed in order to retain that footfall in 2021.


Social media marketing via Facebook gives businesses the opportunity to advertise and connect to users in an area of their choice. This is largely down to the platform’s innovative visual ad opportunities, retargeting locations and personalisation. Ultimately, it’ a great tool to also connect with customers as well as market your brand. Communication with customers is key.

Search4Local are experts in Facebook advertising and manage campaigns for local businesses and sole traders throughout Taunton.


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising gives businesses the ability to quickly & effectively produce sponsored ads to appear at the very top of paid results. This is a great option for users looking to promote a special offer, new product, or would like more enquiries. Conversion rate for sponsored ads tends to be quite high and the paid for traffic can benefit organic ranking.

A PPC campaign is perfect for a newly promoted SEO strategy, and therefore works coherently to raising a business’s online awareness and status amongst industry.

Google Ads Adwords app


Our full service digital marketing agency offers websites that are built to stand out amongst competitors, represent your business in the best possible light and offer complete security. We do our utmost to offer the most competitive prices for the best possible service.

Please get in touch on 01823 765095 or tauntonoffice@search4local.co.uk for quotes and more information.


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